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Moving to NYC in my early 20’s was the best decision I've ever made. The city is a constant source of inspiration with its cutting-edge street fashion, diverse art and culture, ever evolving architecture and perfect mix of both new and classic restaurants and shops.  New York is a place like no other - where possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination.


After spending the early part of my career working with top fashion houses and magazines, I realized it was time to pursue my dream to create, inspire and transform spaces.  After attending Parsons School of Design, a full renovation of our 130 year old brownstone and countless side projects which were becoming a full time job, I decided to go all in. 


In 2014, I founded KMG Interiors. Now as a CEO and founder, I am incredibly fortunate to have an amazing platform to share my NYC inspired design aesthettics while bringing my clients imaginations to life through inspiring residential and commercial projects.

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